Private Training Series

We have had many requests about how to begin walking a shamanic path; and how to nurture and maintain a home practice.  During the summer of 2017 we created a 3 part workshop series called “Creating a Daily Practice” that serves as an introductory course to our more expansive (and currently in the works) “Walking a Shamanic Path” curriculum and training.  These 3 intro courses: Creating Altars & Sacred Space, Prayers & Protection and Entering the Spirit Worlds will give you a solid base to move forward with building your own spiritual practice, and the confidence and resources to know what to do and how to practice on your own.  Taking this series a step further, we have decided to offer this as a private one-on-one experience, not only to better accommodate the schedules of those in our community, but to also give you a deeper, more personalized experience with more room for questions and discussion.  We suggest these classes be taken in the order listed below and spread out over a number of months, so you can properly digest, practice and integrate each segment fully.  This series (whether taken privately or in a group workshop) is a pre-requisite for any advanced trainings we offer in the future.   Each individual session is approximately 3.5 hours.

The fee for each private 3.5 hour session is $120

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Creating Altars & Sacred Space

This session will provide you with an understanding as to why we create altars and shrines, who we build them for and the many different types of altars you can begin creating right away.  We will specifically focus on creating your own, personal sacred (medicine) bundle that can be used not only as a portable altar, but also as a tool and access point for personal power and healing.  You will also learn how to create sacred space, establish boundaries and open a sacred circle.  This session wiPicsArt_01-06-07.40.02.jpgll include experiential journey work, so bring a drum or rattle (or you may borrow or purchase one of our handmade gourd rattles). This session will run approximately 3.5 hours.

We will not be providing materials for your sacred bundle, it is more meaningful when you find these items on your own, so for this workshop you have the option to bring: a cloth for your altar (large enough to wrap all the contents), a stone, rock or crystal, a seashell that can hold a small amount of water, a feather or bird item (picture, bone, fetish, statue), a small candle holder (tealights are easiest) and your most sacred item.  You may not have all these items acquired by the time of your appointment and that is ok, finding the right items (or allowing them to find you) is part of the process.  Items can also change over time, so it’s ok to bring one item, then later change it.


Prayers & Protection

Details coming soon.




Entering the Spirit Worlds

Details coming soon.



Package pricing will be made available for those who want to sign up for all 3 Intro to Shamanism sessions.

SJSPFinalwhiteoutlinewithpricolorfillTHE SEVEN DIRECTIONS SERIES

E A S T – 03 | 19

SOUTH – 06 | 18

W E S T – 09 | 24

NORTH – 12 | 17

A B O V E – 2019

B E L O W – 2019

WITHIN – 2019

Working with the directions is a common thread among many shamanic and earth-centered practices.  It is a way of connecting with and honoring the spirits of nature and the cycles of life. The entire universe exists within the seven directions, and the conscious act of “calling in the directions” is how we establish sacred space for all types of ceremonial and healing work.  Over the next turning of the wheel we will explore each of these directions in alignment with the changing seasons, beginning with the East for Spring Equinox.   In each immersion we will provide you with academic information drawing from and referencing various traditions, as well as experiential practices that work in tandem with the energies of the specific directions.  You will also begin building a divination kit with items that we will be gifting you; and will eventually become a valuable tool in your healing practice, should you choose to pursue this path.  This series is a pre-requisite for any advance trainings we offer in the future. 

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