Shamanic Practitioner Training


Introduction to Shamanism

Part I: Altars & Sacred Space

Part II: Prayers & Protection

Part III: The Spirit Worlds


We have had many requests about how to begin walking a shamanic path; and how to nurture and maintain a home practice.  During the summer of 2017 we created a 3 part workshop series called “Creating a Daily Practice” that serves as an introductory course to our more expansive (and currently in the works) “Walking a Shamanic Path” curriculum and training.  These 3 intro courses: Creating Altars & Sacred Space, Prayers & Protection and Entering the Spirit Worlds will give you a solid base to move forward with building your own spiritual practice, and the confidence and resources to know what to do and how to practice on your own.  Taking this series a step further, we have decided to offer this as a private one-on-one experience, not only to better accommodate the schedules of those in our community, but to also give you a deeper, more personalized experience with more room for questions and discussion.  We suggest these classes be taken in the order listed below and spread out over a number of months, so you can properly digest, practice and integrate each segment fully.  This series (whether taken privately or in a group workshop) is a pre-requisite for any advanced trainings we offer in the future.   Each individual session is approximately 3.5 hours.

The suggested donation for each private 3.5 – 4 hour session is $120 per class. A package rate is available for those who want to sign up for all three classes. 

For more information about this series or to schedule your training : 609.513.9453