jeffreyA-5Testimonial for private Ancestral Healing ceremony:

“Shana and Jeffrey bring their heart and soul into everything they do as Shamanic Practitioners. Ancestral Healing is no exception. From the moment I signed up for the session, to its culmination I felt both supported and cared for, bringing with it a sense of calm. I knew that although the path is mine to travel alone, I wouldn’t be without the guidance and assistance of a truly caring practitioner. At the end of the session I left feeling light and full of energy. Jeffrey took the time to truly prepare me for the journey and continued to be a great listener at the end. Ancestral Healing felt like a pivotal path to take on anyone’s journey. I highly recommend taking that journey here. ” -Sandra P. Northfield, NJ

Testimonial for private shamanic healing ceremony:
“Jeffrey holds such a beautiful and profound healing space for the shamanic practice, it is inspiring, powerful, and healing to the core. I first went to him over a year ago when I was suffering from deep depression and anxiety with my PTSD.  Everything I had been doing up to that point had been about alleviating symptoms, or masking them.  As soon as we talked over the divination he did for my first healing session I knew right away we were going to the root of the wounds.  That can be quite scary, uncomfortable, and challenging to the say the least.  But his guidance, deep compassion, and reverence for the process put me at ease.  With each session I felt the blockages being removed, my energy flowing with more ease, an empowerment that continues to be nourished now, and a coming home of all my soul parts.  I am forever grateful for his healing sessions. Thank you.” – Heather M. Sewell, NJ