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Shamanic Healing Ceremony

The healing techniques performed during a Shamanic Healing Ceremony are completely dictated by the spirits through divination which is cast before the session, determining which techniques and healing medicines the spirits (not the client, or the practitioner) deem most necessary for the highest and best results.  The ceremony is approximately 2.5 hours long with ample time devoted to shamanic counselling, this includes time before and after the session.  Shamanic Healing works on the spiritual level and is not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment; however it does not conflict with and can complement such treatment.

The suggested donation for a private healing session is $100

A typical ceremony may include:

  • Extraction techniques
  • Limpia
  • Cord cutting
  • Protection work
  • Khuya Rumi stone healing
  • Breathwork
  • Power retrieval
  • Spirit Animal retrieval
  • Medicine song retrieval
  • Drum and/or rattle doctoring
  • Journey work
  • Sacred movement
  • Soul calling
  • Soul retrieval 


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 Ancestral Healing Ceremony

“When we open ourselves to the possibility that the ancestors play a significant part in our lives, we also open ourselves to the support, guidance, wisdom, and love that is available to us through them.” Sandra Easter

In this healing ceremony, we will share shamanic teachings and practices with you as we open a sacred space together, create and activate an altar to the ancestors, power up with an ancient technique to call in the spirits of the ancestors, discuss how to access the spirit worlds and the value of ancestral healing, as well as guiding you on a journey to find an ancestral spirit guide who will assist in bringing healing to your bloodline. This ceremony is approximately 2.5 hours long.

The suggested donation for a private healing session is $100

What to bring:

  • pictures of your beloved ancestors to place on the altar
  • your ancestor’s favorite candies to leave as offerings,
  • notebook and pen.


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House & Business Blessings

  • Establish a welcoming, safe and sacred space
  • Nurture and refresh the Spirit of Place
  • Release dense, stale or toxic energy
Rates starting at $250. Call for more information: (609) 513-9453 


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