Jeffrey is a shamanic practitioner, Pachakuti mesa carrier and co-founder of The Sacred Yurt, a shamanic healing sanctuary, in Atlantic County, NJ.  In addition to offering private healing sessions in a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt), he facilitates monthly workshops and other shamanic based classes and healing circles.  Jeffrey completed his two-year shamanic apprenticeship with Adam Kane in Monmouth County, NJ, Healing Rhythms with Al Romao in Monmouth County, NJ and a six month Lakota Ways apprenticeship.  He also conducts land and house blessings, and offers shamanic healing on animals.  Contact Jeffrey at (609) 513-9453 to schedule an appointment.


Shana is a shamanic practitioner, Pachkuti mesa carrier, breathwork facilitator and co-founder of The Sacred Yurt, shamanic healing sanctuary in the Greater Atlantic City area.  She offers private shamanic healing sessions, conscious breathwork, divination and a variety of shamanic workshops in the otherwordly surroundings of a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt).  Shana completed the 2 year shamanic apprenticeship with Adam Kane in 2014 in Monmouth County, NJ and was assistant teacher for the 2015-2017 program.  She has taken various shamanic retreats and classes with Adam Kane and Alvaro Romao.  Shana completed the Transformational Breath teacher training with Judith Kravitz in 2000. Having walked a path of self-healing for over two decades, Shana believes everyone contains the power within to heal themselves.  The purpose of her work is to help others remember and access this truth, and find the way back to their own divine source and light.  Finding it vital to honor the cycles of nature and the spirits by creating sacred ritual and building awareness within the community, Shana also offers ministerial services, rite of passage ceremonies and season celebrations. Currently Unavailable for Private Sessions.  Please schedule with Jeffrey until further notice.

Photo Credit for both photos: Kaleidoscope Imagery