Inspired Breathwork

Inspired Breathwork is a practice that opens and expands the body-mind-spirit system through a connected breathing pattern, resulting in improved well-being and a deeper connection to self and spirit. The use of a clear intention reveals a map of the areas in the body and breath that requires focused attention. The facilitator acts as a conduit petitioning the assistance of the helping spirits. Through the use of divination, affirmation, light touch, toning, shamanic healing techniques, medicine songs an12028673_900228353402689_7945744145405971645_od sound healing you are compassionately guided to open constricted areas of breath to ignite the process of healing and manifesting your intention. Super-oxygenating the body and bloodstream with a conscious breath activates the body’s natural ability to heal by stimulating cellular detoxification. From the time we were in utero, every trauma, pain, shock, fear and toxic thought we experienced was instantly locked into our cells as a memory, creating patterns of negativity that repeat throughout our life. Conscious, connected breathing unlocks these stagnant energies, including the influence of environmental toxins, drugs and chemicals, releasing their imprint on our minds and bodies; in turn, creating space within our cells for healing. This cellular release affects everyone differently; it can be experienced as emotion, physical discomfort and/or joy. It is encouraged to fully surrender to the experience. We are never given more than we can handle. Once the lower level energies are resolved, the breathing becomes more effortless and natural. At this point in a session, you become “activated” and begin moving into higher levels of awareness. Activation can be described as a light, floaty, tingling, deeply connected and infinitely expanded sensation. It is during this phase of the breathing session where you are put in direct connection with your higher self and/or spiritual source to send prayers, seek guidance and receive messages. It is not uncommon to reconnect with a loved one who has passed, to have a direct experience with an angelic presence or spirit guide, or to just bask in the bliss of oneness. It is a uniquely individual experience. Whatever your personal experience, you will come out of your journey feeling refreshed, renewed and alive.