The Call of Spirit

There are 3 primary concepts that define a shamanic practice; an animistic view that all things posses a spirit, a familial relationship with the spirit nations, and the ability to travel and act as a liaison between the physical and spirit worlds. To carefully and conscientiously walk between these worlds requires discipline, practice and dedication. Shamanism is not a religion or hobby, it is a conscious and active lifestyle that changes the way you experience the world around you.  You PicsArt_01-06-08.05.30may feel intrigued or drawn to shamanism, but it is poor form to label yourself a “shaman,” that is a role passed down through lineage and bloodline, or a role acknowledged and accepted by the community.  However, you do have the choice to live your life in a shamanic way, attune your cycles to nature, learn the language of the spirits, and step into a role of service to your community, to the land and/or to the spirits.  This is a path that requires an incredible amount of integrity, accountability and self-study.  There is no certificate at the end of the program.  This is a lifelong process of becoming and unbecoming that many feel as a call from deep within that must be answered.